Major Fundraising Campaign Report (formerly Capital Campaign Report)

Philanthropy Missouri (formerly Gateway Center for Giving) publishes a regular report on capital and endowment campaigns to inform grantmakers, nonprofits and other community leaders about resources being allocated toward restricted funding activities in the St. Louis region.

The data is important for nonprofits considering launching a campaign, for grantmakers who fund capital and endowment projects, and for consultants and those who work with nonprofits in helping identify needs and resources in the community. The latest version of this resource was last published in December 2020 (to purchase for $15, please email 

Our community survey to add your nonprofit capital or endowment campaign to the 2023-2024 Major Fundraising Campaign Report is closed. To share a new campaign, please email info (at)

Even if a nonprofit does not have a campaign, their campaign hasn’t progressed much, or the campaign has concluded, this information is important for us to capture so that we have an accurate sense of the status of campaigns in the region. Additionally, participating nonprofit organizations will receive a complimentary copy of the public version of the report. 

The 2023-2024 Major Fundraising Campaign Report is expected to be published in June 2024.