Cohort Session #1: Trust-Based Philanthropy With A Racial Equity Lens: The Issue

Open to: 
PhilMO Members and Non-Member Funders
Tuesday, December 12, 2023
12:00pm to 1:00pm CST
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After Trust-Based Philanthropy 101 (2020), Introduction to Trust-Based Philanthropy (2021), and the Demystifying Trust-Based Philanthropy Series (2023), Missouri funders expressed interest in diving deeper. Philanthropy Missouri is pleased to announce we are partnering to host a Missouri cohort for the upcoming series Trust-Based Philanthropy with a Racial Equity Lens

One of the core values of a trust-based approach is to work for systemic equity, including a focus on racial equity. While trust-based philanthropy and racial equity work are not identical nor interchangeable, they work hand-in-hand to advance a vision for a more just and equitable nonprofit sector. To learn more about the distinctions and correlations, you can review the guide on The Intersection of Trust-Based Philanthropy & Racial Equity.

This cohort-style series will explore the relationship between the two approaches, to understand why a racial equity lens is needed (the issue), what a racial equity lens is in a trust-based approach (the answer), and how to operationalize it (the implementation). This series will include comprehensive data-informed content, rich discussion and insights from sector thought leaders, as well as an opportunity to connect with a cohort of Missouri-based peers actively working to understand and operationalize these concepts within their grantmaking organizations.


This virtual program includes a total of six gatherings: three nationally-attended educational workshops (90 minutes) complemented by three corresponding Missouri-cohort discussion groups (60 minutes). Please note the debrief period for our cohort will be on a different day from the workshop, giving you time to reflect, to consider how the learning applies to your work, and to develop questions to discuss with your peers.


Trust-Based Philanthropy With A Racial Equity Lens: The Issue

Workshop Session #1: Nov. 29, 12:00-1:30 pm CT   

Cohort Discussion #1: Dec. 12, 12:00-1:00 pm CT

Description: The first session in this series will outline how racial equity lens is needed in a trust-based approach. Data and research will be used to demonstrate the (historic and continuing) problem and clarify how trust-based philanthropy and racial equity are complementary approaches that should both be prioritized in the funding space.

Who Should Attend
  • This series is intended for leadership and staff of grantmaking organizations with some level of influence in operationalizing organizational change.

  • Participants should come with a foundational understanding of the core concepts and values of trust-based philanthropy, and ideally have attended some trust-based philanthropy programming in the past. This program will not spend significant time explaining the foundational practices and tenets of a trust-based approach.

  • Participants should be familiar with preliminary definitions and concepts related to racial equity work. This program will not spend significant time reviewing general definitions and introductory equity principles.

  • Participants should have an explicitly identified organizational/grant-making goal towards operationalizing trust-based philanthropy and/or racial equity (ideally both).

  • This series is intended to be collaborative and interactive, particularly in the cohort discussion sessions. Participants should be prepared to engage and participate in discussion, reflection, and sharing.

  • Participant commit to attending the majority of the sessions — both workshops and cohort discussions. We only recommend registering if you are able to attend all three cohort discussions and, ideally, all content sessions.

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