Missouri Common Grant Application


The Missouri Common Grant Application (CGA) Version 2.0 allows grantmakers and grantseekers to work from a common set of questions and definitions that reinforce solid nonprofit practices.

2017 Revisions--CGA Version 2.0
Philanthropy Missouri (formerly Gateway Center for Giving) convened a committee of grantmakers and nonprofit representatives in 2016-2017 to update the CGA by incorporating a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). A DEI framework informs the work of both funders and nonprofits and offers a mechanism to address the profound disparities in opportunity that exist for marginalized groups. The inclusion of DEI-related language and questions throughout the CGA and related materials is meant to:

  1. Provide a valuable perspective to grantmakers about their potential grantee's capacity to navigate DEI issues; and
  2. Encourage self-assessment and dialogue about DEI issues by both nonprofits and grantmakers.

THE APPLICATION: The Missouri Common Grant Application Version 2.0 materials include:

  • Missouri Common Grant Application Version 2.0
    The full length application.
  • Short Form Version 2.0
    A shorter version of the application that can also be used as a Letter of Intent.
  • Budget Templates Version 2.0
    Includes a project budget template, organizational budget template, a capital campaign budget instruction sheet.
  • User Guide Version 2.0
    Walks grantseekers through the application questions. It includes a glossary of terms, instructions, and examples on how to answer questions. The user guide adds clarity to the application process and provides answers for many of the questions that arise during grant preparation.
  • Funder Guide: Incorporating Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
    Walks funders through the application questions that have been modified using a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). It includes a DEI glossary of terms, FAQs, and examples of how applicants may choose to answer questions. The Funder Guide adds clarity to the application process and provides answers for many DEI-related questions.

To request Missouri Common Grant Application Version 1.0 materials, please email us at info@philmo.org.


  • To the Grantmaker: If you are interested in using the CGA for your foundation's grant application, please feel free to download the CGA template, modify it to suit your needs, and host it on your organization's website. You may wish to insert instructions about word or character limits. Please contact info@philmo.org to let us know that you will be using a version of the CGA so that we can share important updates in the future.
  • To the Grantseeker: Grantmakers who accept the CGA will host this form on their respective websites; some grantmakers may have modified versions of the CGA. Please keep in mind that every grantmaker has different guidelines and priorities, as well as deadlines and timetables. Any funder that has agreed to accept a CGA form may request additional information at any stage in the proposal process.