We support aligned action to address our region's most pressing issues, as well as national challenges that are facing the philanthropic sector.

Our Members apply their learning and connections to increase their organization’s effectiveness, inform their giving practices, and perform their job responsibilities more effectively. 

Aligned action can include:

  • Internal alignment - engaging in strategic and thoughtful giving that ensures your mission and values are fully and intentionally realized in your giving.
  • Partner alignment - coordinating your efforts with community partners, through consultation and the hard work of collaboration.
  • Regional alignment - aligning your giving with well-researched and clearly identified goals for our community as a whole.

To support the work of our Members, Philanthropy Missouri also hosts community programs. These include:

  • Meet the Donor - Twice a year, we provide a platform for funders to present their giving strategy updates to an audience of nonprofit organization leaders. This program increases transparency in our community, eases the burden on nonprofits by helping them to identify potential funding opportunities, and cultivates new relationships between funders and nonprofits. 
  • Common Grant Application Trainings - the Philanthropy Missouri staff works with the Network for Strong Communities to share our free resource, the Missouri Common Grant Application (CGA). These periodic, interactive trainings provide an opportunity for nonprofits to learn more about how to effectively use the CGA when seeking grant funding for their initiatives.