Who We Are

Since 1970, Philanthropy Missouri (formerly known as Gateway Center for Giving) has created spaces to equip, connect, and energize philanthropic leaders for impact in their communities. Our Members include corporations, family foundations, donor-advised funds, private foundations, tax-supported foundations, trusts, and professional advisors who are actively involved in the philanthropic sector.

Philanthropy Missouri is one of many philanthropy-serving regional associations across the country that connect grantmakers within a specific geographic location in order to foster alignment and collaboration.

Philanthropy Missouri is an active member of the United Philanthropy Forum, the largest network of philanthropy-serving organizations in the nation. If you aren't located in Missouri, you can access the Regional Association Locator to find the association serving your community.

Mission To equip, connect, and energize our Members and partners for thoughtful action and greater impact.

Vision    We envision a thriving and equitable Missouri, served by a collaborative, purpose-driven, and effective philanthropic sector.

Values   Philanthropy Missouri lives out its mission and advances its vision through key values:

  • Belonging: We cultivate relationships and build community where individuals and institutions are understood, respected, and invited to contribute.
  • Equity: We believe identity should not predict outcomes for Missourians and use that lens to shape our work and influence philanthropic practice.
  • Impact: We create an environment of shared learning to forward a strategic, collaborative, and equitable philanthropic sector.
  • Courageous Leadership: We inspire the sector to challenge norms and mobilize resources to advance opportunities to thrive in Missouri.