It's Time to Respond with Care -and- Action

Friday, May 27, 2022

We share an electronic newsletter, What Gives?, with Philanthropy Missouri Members every other week. In the two weeks since our last newsletter, the United States has experienced 18 mass (4+ victims) shooting events. The most recent – at Robb Elementary School – was the country's 213th mass shooting this year and the 27th shooting resulting in death or injury on K-12 school property this year.

Our hearts break. Swift charitable efforts provide essential resources for those directly affected to begin the process of recovery. These caring responses are necessary. They are good. And, for so many, they are no longer sufficient.

You may join us in sitting with the questions: What should we – as individuals and institutions – do to express care and translate that care into measurable action? What is happening upstream and how do we interrupt it?

If you are a funder who wants to invest in upstream work (or start to learn more about it), PhilMO welcomes your input: What do you need to move forward? What parts of systems change work are of greatest interest? Or are the most challenging? Please email Michelle your thoughts.

And, for now, we offer reminders to:

  1. Take the time to process your personal response. If you need to speak with a child, these resources may help.
  2. Start or expand your learning: Council on Foundations is gathering resources about philanthropic response to mass shootings and gun violence here.
  3. Join us for a conversation about philanthropic response to extremism on June 7.

The PhilMO Team remains committed to care and action. We thank you for sharing your systems change learning needs and also welcome information about educational and action opportunities that are open to funders serving Missouri.