Non-Solicitation Policy

Philanthropy Missouri periodically sponsors programs for grantmakers and nonprofits to learn from each other. These forums are designed to facilitate open discussion and idea sharing and we ask that all participants adhere our Non-Solicitation Policy.

For Nonprofits
  • Feel free to exchange business cards for follow up with contacts after the session.
  • Do not ask funders on the spot if they want to fund your programs.
  • Follow up on leads when you get back to your organization; checking the grantmaker’s funding priorities, guidelines, and deadlines before pursuing funding.
  • Do not hand proposals to grantmakers during the session.
  • Be respectful of other participants and speakers when asking questions during Q&A (if applicable). Try to make questions succinct and refrain from offering commentary that is not appropriate for the occasion.
For Grantmakers 
  • Do invite an organization to follow up with you after a program, if appropriate.
  • Do not accept proposals during the session.

Last revised 3.24.21