Rural Funder Network

The Rural Funder Network is a statewide group of Missouri grantmakers/funders* who invest in rural, or who are interested in learning more. This pilot Network will meet quarterly in rural communities throughout the state. For information about upcoming Rural Funder Network meetings, visit the Events page.

Network participants will have the opportunity to build trusting relationships with peer rural funders, share experiences and effective rural philanthropic practices, explore regional and/or statewide collaboration, grow in understanding of equitable philanthropic practice, and become a strong voice for rural philanthropy throughout Missouri.

*Community foundations, private and family foundations, donor-advised funds, health conversion foundations, corporate foundations and giving programs, public religious charities, tax-supported funders, and federated funds (e.g., United Way) who invest in rural MIssouri are welcome to participate in the Rural Funder Network. If you are unsure about your organization's eligibility to participate, please contact amy@philmo.

For questions or more information about the Rural Funder Network, contact Amy Wescott.

View our Rural page for resources to support your interest in rural philanthropy.

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Special thanks to the United Philanthropy Forum for their generous support of the Rural Funder Network.