Building Economic Security Infrastructure in Missouri: A Virtual Conversation for National & State-Based Funders

This initial, virtual conversation will convene philanthropic leaders who support Missouri economic initiatives. We will begin to connect the dots across the funder ecosystem and discuss strategies to build more impactful partnerships and outcomes.


Eligible funders will have an interest in building economic opportunity in Missouri, this may include mobilizing communities, traditional policy/advocacy, or other strategies around issues of poverty and economic opportunity.

The conversation will include an overview of the current Missouri landscape as well as the opportunity for participating philanthropic leaders to share their grantmaking and other related initiatives.

Hosted by Philanthropy MissouriEconomic Opportunity Funders, and EITC Funders Network.

Please click here to register to participate or to indicate your interest in receiving notification of further discussions. There is no charge to register, and you do not need to be a Member of a host organization.

We welcome you to share this invitation with others funding in Missouri and/or in the economic opportunity space. Please direct questions to Michelle Miller, PhilMO CEO, at