Mission Sustainability Initiative

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GCG Full Members (free) & Non-Member Funders ($50)
Wednesday, July 29, 2020
9:00am to 10:30am CDT
Online Zoom Meeting
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Program Description

Long-term mission sustainability in the nonprofit sector is increasingly challenged by the economic realities of our era. As COVID-19 and the impending recession affect large and small nonprofits in a number of different ways, new strategic partnerships can offer an abundance of attractive benefits.

To help nonprofits navigate strategic restructuring and repositioning, several dedicated networks of funders and intermediaries have emerged across the US. In a number of communities, dedicated funds have been established to financially support nonprofits wishing to explore or implement formal, long-term collaborations as a way to maximize impact. One such Fund is Forefront's Mission Sustainability Initiative (MSI), which serves Chicago area-based nonprofits. 

MSI provides confidential, friendly, and effective advice and resources to nonprofits looking to strengthen their organization through strategic partnerships. These partnerships can take many forms, including co-locating, sharing back office or fundraising staff, permanent joint programming, and mission-based mergers.

During this live webinar, we will hear from Genita Robinson, Director of MSI, and Pete Vilim, Vice Chairman/Co-Founder of real estate investment company Waterton & MSI Funders Committee Member. Genita and Pete will discuss the general structure of MSI, the types of grants that are offered to nonprofits exploring partnerships, and the early discussions that led to the initiative's creation. Ample time will be reserved for Q&A.

Grantmakers interested in nonprofit capacity, sustainability, and financial health are invited to join.


Special thanks to Forefront for partnering with us on this program.