Be Kind to Your Mind!

Friday, June 17, 2022

At Philanthropy Missouri's Annual Meeting in January, Members were gifted a subscription to Headspace, sponsored by Light a Single Candle Foundation. Recently, we heard from one of our Members how much she is enjoying using the Headspace app, so we invited her to share a short reflection on her experience. We hope this inspires you to be kind to your mind!

Guest blog by Kristin Cowart, Director of Children's Services, Saint Louis MHB

"We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our 'to do' list." Take Michelle Obama's advice and put yourself first today. Open your Headspace app . . . You won't regret it.

Only 1 minute to spare? No problem! Open the app and select, "Feel the Benefits of 5 Deep Breaths." Deep breathing slows your heart rate and has a wide range of health benefits, including reducing stress and improving focus. The fun animated graphic changes daily and you can practice while your coffee or tea is brewing.

3-7 minutes? Check out "The Wake Up." You never know what you will discover. You may hear a moving story about families and friends, explore the science of burnout, or learn about the life cycle of a dandelion. These mini stories tend to stick with you throughout the day and beyond.

3-20 minutes? Okay . . . don't panic. The daily meditation offered can be as long or short as works for you. You can just listen to the first 3 minutes, which sets up the meditation focus. This in itself can offer something for you to reflect on for the day. If you have a few minutes to listen a little longer, you can practice meditating and just stop whenever you are done. Consider trying a walking meditation. Listen while you take a short work break or walk your dog around the block.

Looking for Deep Focus? Check out one of the many playlists in the focus music section. John Legend's eclectic jazz mix is highly recommended to help you find flow while working on an important project.

And this is just the beginning. There is so much more to explore with Headspace. Give yourself the gift of just one minute today and consider making it a tiny daily habit. Your future self will thank you. Enjoy!

If you are a Philanthropy Missouri Member who has not received a complimentary subscription to Headspace and would like to, please contact

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