UPDATED - Hurricane Relief Opportunities

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Last week, Hurricane Fiona wreaked havoc in the Caribbean. Among islands affected, Puerto Rico continues to experience widespread power outages and infrastructure damage, sparking painful memories of 2017’s Hurricane María, where mismanaged disaster response led to a loss of thousands of lives and to the largest and longest black-out in U.S. history. This week, parts of the Caribbean and southeastern United States are facing the effects of Hurricane Ian.

We previously shared a learning opportunity with those who may want to be involved with hurricane relief. The webinar, "Hurricane Fiona: Responding to Disasters in Island Settings," was hosted by Center for Disaster Philanthropy on 9/22/22. Speakers outlined current need, gaps in resources and mapping, highlighted concerns about how community voice is heard within the context of being a U.S. territory, and elements of recovery that are unique to island communities. Specific funding recommendations were also shared and are listed below.

As an ever more connected global community, we know these disasters are not occurring in isolation – Fiona struck in the Caribbean while Typhoon Nanmadol battered Japan. Find a more comprehensive list of global disasters here. We will continue to share information about the effect of climate change on disasters and the on-going call for philanthropy to engage meaningfully to affect climate change.

Resources to Support Hurricane Recovery
  • Center for Disaster Philanthropy's Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund

  • Fiona Response Fund

  • Our counterpart in Puerto Rico – Filantropía Puerto Rico – has worked since Hurricane María to address the layered crises facing Puerto Rico in an equitable manner while building the resilience of vulnerable populations. This work -- organized via the FORWARD Fund -- to coordinate nonprofit and community-led efforts is now being mobilized to support relief. Learn more and donate at the FORWARD fund’s Fiona relief page.

  • Our counterpart in Florida -- Florida Philanthropic Network -- is providing updates and recommendations for recovery support via their website homepage.

  • Volunteer Florida's Florida Disaster Fund

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) donation recommendations

Do you have a recommendation for another resource? Please advise the PhilMO team at info@philmo.org.

The PhilMO team thanks Anahí López, 2022-2023 St. Louis Coro Fellow, for contributions to this post.

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